Falcon Developments-35 houses on Harts Lane

Appeal- APP/H1705/W/20/3248187

Falcon Developments planning application to build 35 houses on Harts Lane (19/02215/OUT) was refused by B&DBC on 13 Nov 2019.  However, Falcon have now submitted an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate, hoping to overturn the local planning authority's decision.


Many parishioners wrote to B&DBC raising objections to the planning application and voiced their concerns at a public meeting held in the Portal Hall on 18 Sep 2019.  This informed the Parish Council's decision, which was unanimous in its opposition to this application. 

Although we were aware that Falcon intended to appeal this was only made public on 11 Aug.  The appeal will be determined on the basis of a hearing.  Information about how to participate has been published on nextdoor.com and on posters near the site.

All additional representations, in favour or against, must be received by the Planning Inspectorate by 9 Sep 2020, quoting the appeal reference APP/H1705/W/20/3248187.

Posted below are various documents, which include:

  • the Parish Council’s objection to the 35 houses application (19/02215/OUT);

  • the Decision Notice by B&DBC rejecting the 35 houses application (19/02215/OUT);

  • Notification of the Appeal (APP/H1705/W/20/3248187) to the Planning Inspectorate published by B&DBC;

  • The Appellant’s statement contesting the grounds for B&DBC’s refusal and arguing why the appeal should be granted.

  • Details of the Hearing to be held as a Virtual Event on Thursday 3rd December 2020 - see notice issued by B&DBC below this line.

  • A third document has been added, which is an additional submission following recent news of a successful appeal where the neighbourhood plan was deemed sufficiently far advanced that if granted it would jeopardise its success.  Given its importance the Parish Council agreed on 5 Oct to send another letter highlighting the arguments in this case to the Planning Inspectorate.


Included is the Appeal Decision (APP/H1705/W/19/3242216) that dismissed the Planning in Principle (PIP) appeal.  The arguments used by the Planning Inspectorate are worth noting.


The Planning Inspector will take note of any objections already submitted.  However, those who continue to feel strongly about this proposal are encouraged to make their views known again, following the guidance given in the Notification of the Appeal.  




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