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Who Are We

The Parish Council has eight members, who are currently:

Richard Carrow - Parish Council Chairman and Vice Chairman of Pinder Recreation Trust, Member of Planning Working Group and Staffing CommitteeFootpath and Playground Monitoring Officer,

Andrew Crowley - Parish Council Vice-Chairman and Chairman of Pinder Recreation Trust


Ian Collins - Parish Council Representative on Sports Club Committee and Earlstone Common Management Committee.


Geoff Morton - Tree Officer, Member of Finance Working Group. Parish Council Representative on  Earlstone Common Management Committee

Sandra Whiting - Member of Finance and Planning Working Groups, Member of Staffing Committee


Julian Parkes - Member of Finance Working Group and Staffing Committee.

Alex Patrick-Smith -  Member of Planning Working Group and Parish Council Representative on Earlstone Common Management Committee.

Amanda Harvey

Additional Information and completed register of interest forms can be found on Basingstoke & Deane's website - here.

Other Contacts:

County Councillor Tom Thacker                   07712 695468


Borough Councillor John Izett     01635 254400

Kit Malthouse MP         020 7219 5605

Parish Council Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer - Jacqui Letsome          07851 956078

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