B&DBC Local Plan Update

A six-week public consultation on Issues and Options for the Local Plan Update (LPU) started on Monday 28 September 2020 and has been extended for parish councils until 4 pm on Thu 3 December 2020. The purpose of this early and non-statutory consultation is to identify the key planning issues facing the borough over the next Local Plan period (to at least 2038) and consider suitable options to address them.  The Parish Council met virtually with planning officers on 20 October and will respond by the given deadline.


The consultation provides all stakeholders with the opportunity to influence the plan at an early stage. The consultation will identify a number of key issues, reflecting the specific characteristics of the borough and more wide-ranging trends that will impact upon the area. The issues also

reflect the ambitions of the council, highlighting priority areas for action and change. The main consultation document also outlines key options to be considered in the development of a suitable spatial strategy for the borough.


In addition to the main Issues and Options consultation document, the following documents have also been published on which the council invites comments:


Promoted Sites:  Essentially the SHEELA with a few additional sites promoted since published in Dec 19.




Settlement Study (Part 1):  this considers the relative sustainability of the borough’s settlements, taking into account a range of local services and facilities.  Burghclere is classified as a small village in the lowest group (#5) with only a primary school, pub, and village hall as its key services and facilities.


Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report:  


- A Sustainability Appraisal (SA) is a process that is undertaken alongside plan-making, addressing the issue of sustainability through comparing, analysing and evaluating different options for the planning of the borough; maximising the positive impacts of plan options and minimising the negative impacts; and illustrating a strategy or plan’s overall contribution to sustainable development.  This document charts only Stage A of the 5 plan-making stages.




Site Assessment Methodology:  This document sets out the proposed methodology to be used to identify, assess and agree development sites for allocation within the LPU. It explains the process in the SA Scoping Report and Issues and Options consultation. This is to gain the views of local communities, stakeholders and technical consultees to ensure that the methodology which is taken forward is robust and provides a suitable framework for site assessment.