Planning Matters

Outline Planning application by Falcon Developments for 35 houses on Harts Lane (19/02215/OUT)

Very many thanks to those of you who not only attended the Parish Council Public Meeting on 18 Sep but have also written to B&DBC in connection with Falcon Developments’ proposal for 35 houses on Harts Lane.


The outcome of the Public Meeting, where the overwhelming majority indicated that they were not in favour of this development, was the PC’s agreement to relay this feedback to B&DBC.  The PC also agreed to enlist the help of the consultants working on the neighbourhood plan, ONeill Homer (OH).


The final version of our submission was passed to B&DBC on Mon 30 Sep and is below.


Despite its length (13 pages) I would encourage you to read the report.  You will note the arguments focus on:


    • landscape;

    • proximity to historic buildings;

    • suburbanisation, which would lead to the alteration of the character of the village (the number of houses proposed - 35 - is almost certainly not coincidental);

    • prematurity i.e. the impact planning approval might have on the deliverability of the neighbourhood plan.


You will see reference to the recent Sherfield on Loddon case where the inspector rejected the developer’s case, which we believe is helpful to our circumstances.


Many of you were concerned about other matters as well, such as traffic, noise, road safety and sewerage.  All these are genuine concerns, which we recognise.  Indeed, we have begun to address the latter particularly as it is a problem now and would be exacerbated by any development.  However, given that other official responses have not indicated major problems in these areas, we concluded that these arguments are not quite as powerful in a planning context.  Where planning officers have already signalled concern, such as with landscape, heritage, biodiversity etc, and about which we already feel strongly, these can be reinforced.


Finally I would like thank OH, who undertook a significant amount of work on the Parish’s behalf in putting together this detailed submission.

Richard Carrow

Chair Burghclere Parish Council

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