Planning matters

The purpose of this section is to explain how planning matters are handled by the parish council.

A Community Emergency Plan for use in case of events that require community support to the emergency services has been drawn up and is shown under a later tab.  This Plan is reviewed and updated annually and can be used as a response template by anyone responding to an emergency.

For those matters that require planning permission, residents must submit applications to the the Local Planning Authority (B&DBC).  Details on how to do this are contained at:

These are considered by planning officers and the details are then passed to the parish for our consideration and comment.

The Planning Working Group will carry out an initial appraisal and if necessary visit the site.  The group will report its findings to the next parish council at which point a decision will be taken on its response.  This will be communicated in writing to the LPA and published against the relevant application on the planning portal as well as added to the Minutes of the parish meeting.

If an application is refused and goes to appeal, the Parish Council may be invited to comment on the appeal.