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Reg 15 documents for Reg 16 Submission 

Regulation 15 Submission documentation for Regulation 16 consultation

Welcome to the Regulation 15 Submission paperwork.  Below you will find the Burghclere NP Submission Plan, the Basic Conditions Statement, the Consultation Statement and the Sustainability Appraisal available for download.​


Please find links below to other relevant documentation:

B&DBC Local Plan and evidence base:

B&DBC Supplementary Planning Directives:

B&DBC Landscape Assessment 2001:


National Design Guide 2019:


B&DBC has now checked that the submitted proposal complies with all relevant legislation (‘Compliance Check’) ahead of Regulation 16 consultation and examination.

B&DBC is satisfied that the submitted Burghclere Neighbourhood Plan complies with the relevant legal documents and now invites comments.  The period for submission of representations runs from Friday 6th December 2019 to Friday 24th January 2020.  Representations should arrive no later than 4 p.m. on 24th January 2020.

Hard copies for review are available within the Parish at the Church of Ascension during daylight hours (approx 0830-1600), the Portal Hall (check the booking programme for availability: and the Sports Club between 1730-2000 Wed-Fri and 1200-2200 at weekends.  Copies can also be found at the Newbury Central Library, Basingstoke Discovery Centre and at B&DBC civic offices.

Representations can be submitted using the council's online consultation portal, by e-mail or post.

Online at:

Or by e-mail to:

Or by post to: Planning Policy Team, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, Civic Offices, London Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21 AH

All representations will be forwarded for consideration to the examiner and will include a request to be notified of the local planning authority's decision under Regulation 19 in relation to the neighbourhood development plan.

Supporting evidence documents

Please find below supporting documents for the Regulation 15 Plan submission.

Land off Harts Lane/Winchester Road Supporting Documents

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