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White Paper-Planning for the Future

White Paper: Planning for the Future

The Government has issued a White Paper: Planning for the Future.  Consultation is open to everyone.  The Government is keen to hear from a wide range of interested parties from across the public and private sectors, as well as from the general public.  It will last for 12 weeks from 6 Aug (till 29 Oct)

Another document, entitled: Changes to the current planning system, has been issued at the same time.  This consultation too is open to everyone but the consultation period is slightly shorter, lasting for 8 weeks from 6 Aug and will close at 23.45 on 1 Oct.

Both documents can be downloaded below in .pdf format.

The Parish Council did not respond to the 'Changes to the current planning system' but B&DBC did - see below. 

The Parish Council has responded however to the White Paper "Planning for the Future".  See below.  B&DBC's Councillors' response and the technical planning officers' comments are also shown.

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