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News from The Villages

News from the Villages is the Parish Magazine and covers all the Villages in our area
Namely, Burghclere, Newtown, Ecchinswell, Bishops Green, Sydmonton and Old Burghclere.
It is delivered to 640 households by volunteers.
It is published 11 times a year, and with a fair wind, should arrive on your doormat on the first of the month, excluding August.  In it, you can find all sorts of information, from diary dates of jumble sales, concerts, meetings and other events, to reports of the goings on at Parish Council meetings in the villages and of organisations like the WI and local schools. 


In the middle of the magazine there is a message from the Rector, a list of the church services taking place in the three parish churches, and in side the front cover is a list of telephone numbers of people and organisations around the parish.


If you need something, or want to sell something, you can let the editor know and put in your own (free) advertisement. There is also a wealth of commercial advertising, so you can leaf through and find the number of your local cab firm, builders, MP, the pub, shrub nursery, milkman, joiner or toddler group.
There are lots of other bits and pieces in the magazine: Nature Notebook, local history, a seasonal recipe, book reviews, bad jokes corner and sometimes a cartoon.  What you see in the magazine depends largely on what is happening and who has sent something in.


Contributions and suggestions are very welcome from all age groups. Ideally, please contact the editor, or send in contributions by email to:  Old versions are held in the Hampshire Record Office (HRO).
It is much better if copy is sent electronically as that minimises the chance for errors to creep in.  You can also telephone Susan on: 01635 278295 if you would like to discuss a contribution or to receive "News from the Villages".


A year’s subscription will cost £4.00.

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