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Police contact information

If you'd like to make your local PCSO aware of something in your area, ask them a question, request some crime prevention advice, invite them to an community engagement or just arrange to meet them. The best way to contact them is via e-mail as they all work different shifts.

Please DON’T report crimes via e-mail!!
For Burghclere, contacts at Basingstoke Rural (based at Tadley) are:

PCSO 18808 Venn - (

PCSO 23888 Denton - (

Also based at Tadley, although not specifically covering Burghclere:


PCSO 13301 Jones ( 


PCSO 17926 Clapham – (


The above are supported by Sgt’s, PC’s (including many new students) and Special PC’s (volunteers) across our Neighbourhood and Response and Patrol teams.

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When you find yourself in need of contacting the Police, do you know the best way to get in touch?

999 should only be used in emergency situations; when a life is in danger or a crime is happening right now.

To speak to the police about anything else, you should call 101 or contact us online. Below are some useful links:

To report a crime

To report ASB



Other Links include:

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